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{Mirage In Your Sight ♥

Secretly Shadow Like A Hunter

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Bright and clear...
The dream of all dreams...
Why do humans war ?
To save the things they love ?
When will it all end ? Once more...
Why do humans war ?
To save the things you crave ?
When will it all end ?
Blood will flow...

CROSSED ARROWS - D'espairs Ray

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In My journal I decided to make graphics based that mainly focuses on J-Visual kei especially the GazettE. You can use them but always keep to credit me, and see the rules before using please. Sometimes I post my personal journal here, but don't worry it's F-lock, So just My newest graphics open for public.

Name?/6 Aug/20/mood: Sleeping is ♥/Most Wanted: Uruha/Obsession: the GazettE, Uruha, Yoshikazu Kotani, J-Vkei, Japan, Photoshop, Art, Camera/ Music: the GazettE, D'espairRays, Dir en Grey, Screw, Exist†trace, S.E.B

Artistic, friendly, book worm, music lover, Coffee blend holic/Have many dreams and sometimes complicated. I'm pretty open minded and love making new friends. Same interest with me,just let's making friend yay